Issue 1
360 x 510mm
100gsm Munken Lynx Rough White
1500 copies
September 2016

Angie Butler
Artist & PHD Researcher
Brian Bagdonas
Stumptown Printers
Dafi Kuehne
David Armes
Red Plate Press
Gee Vaucher
Exitstencil Press
Graham Moss
Incline Press
Hannah Cousins
Printmaker & Illustrator
Lucy Jenner
Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft
Marta Dos Santos
Letterpress Printer
Nick Loaring
The Print Project
Pat Randle
Nomad Letterpress

The spark, if one was needed, to ignite the flames of this inaugural issue of Double Dagger was provided three years ago at the bottom corner of a sunny Somerset field where a brooding, sweaty ex-compositor clasped onto a warm can of Thatchers Gold as though it was the last can on earth. The verdict arrived: “It’s bolloxed” he confirmed, consigning this Linotype machine, one of the few of its type remaining, to the scrap heap.

In a heartbeat the music stopped, and Mergenthalar, peering down from his molten bedspread in the skies, turned away muttering under his breath. The Glastonbury Festival newspaper for 2013 – the first time it had been attempted on a Heidelberg cylinder – would not be printed from hot-metal type, but from polymer plates, the anti-hero in any self respecting letterpress printers armoury.